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Come home and surprise my wife and I, think and talk about our situation, which had taken before deciding to have sex with a young boy, where both happy, let teenax it happen, as if we wanted it seemed I had some doubts had suggested in my head, but I woke up really well, and we had the best sex in the years after I no, they call it, but cried when Lyn had nothing of that, afraid of me, take a drink with him in a pub that has not yet want to know, I think I was a little hurt, and I thought I was his age and is also stopped him, I mean when you return to work next week where you really trust the phone all the time, not to mention our strange, which were normal by midweek Lyn, it was me, I get with it a bit suspect was and why I agreed it was a lover our problem is to think of her lover, I suggested that is in the network search, and somehow got in touch with some sites that I have at home next weekendd where we both take care of them, we thought it was the best way, said an ad in one of them, next week or had a website in the n In a few days, had invited responses, it was about how to make someone so worried and was fined, of course it is a concern, but I have not said that to her, but came close enough sure it was quite new for us, it was time to talk to teenax a real Hart to Hart, when we, when we go through this, that we would do if we are in a series of our lives, it was for me I could handle, something inside me told me, when a funny way I wanted it to happen, Lyn assured me that would be just a physical thing when n teenax and so our decision was made that left one man picking, looking for thew men, I had to go Lyn is a short list of wine, it was eventually decided Brian, 27 A single man, who seemed quite experienced in this for a week later teenax I was on the phone to talk about e- mail, among them, was for the next set weekend, on the way teenax home II had mixed feelings, a few bites of jealousy, and tension with a touch of emotion was home soon, not sure how I would punish Lyn, or if they thought he had cut, but no, she looked cool and outlets, with a touch of emotion, he spent much time preparing, and looked beautiful, had a blouse to enjoy, the button will open in a plunging neckline, it was clear he had no bra, a skirt a few inches above the knee, is divided by two on both sides, all new middle and high heels, had to find some pants not much later, knocked on the door, he was here, Lyn has me out the door and that it, very politely, that was awkward with whom we spoke was started long ago, there was teenax a lot of flirting between them, I was what the conversation was to ask the right between them, started to say, whether to do the things well, when I saw what was by then fairly quickly, for my part, which was leaked to the left unexpectedly, it seemed that a minuet anywheres talk about you, where to kiss, as if I was not there, then it hit me before Lyn would be false, and that was not there There was a long, passionate kiss, I was a little surprised at his hands environments of his body, which has never tried to stop, which I expected to be, which is why it was there in my living room with my wife, in a very short time teenax was very rough caresses, Brian in amazement the hand, leg, broke his thigh came, she gave him access to the interim report of your body something that had been me, should you finger became wet sound in the room that where kissing again, Lyn was the hand on his crotch, he stopped teenax at anything in your tori, squeezing, watch your fingers, there was the glow of her wedding ring, his departure was the open hand into the house, as I , pushed up the ass and Tori them on his knees, he found wine is fine for me Lyn had his penis looked in the manual, which was bigger than mine, I'd say maybe three inches long, but it was his size, and their fingers are not quite there, it was hard, full of great wings, had his hand down toward the base, but looked much excel above his left hand back the foreskin rolled a mushroom too, the vision of a shock for me was that he had not acted on this, the size n of me she attenuation returned to Lyn, her blouse was wide open, where without looking teenax both breasts, nipples very stiff and hard, was very excited, Brian had embedded his finger on it, not much movement of the arm, since they played together, his hand was now stroking his cock, her legs were separated and hung a huge ball stop, this kid a bag is full, the amount of infant formula, then only God knows, had rolled out the scene very quickly after she moved around with teenax Lyn on her knees and sucks cock, slurping sounds of it, and a grunt from him, Brian away at the end is not to let go, I walked past the doorway looking at yourself, who followed up the stairs when I saw the bedroom door in my face was beaten, I was with, I was there, was quiet for some time, then a loud scream, which teenax must come from Lyn, who was said to slow creaking bed, it was terrible, the noise became louder and faster, then I heard my wife screaming YES YES YES mY GOD, now in bed, called to the wall, sat on the ground on landing four hours of trading, which led them twice during this time that I applaud gives body and listen to my wife called for real this time I went back to our room sitting and waiting, not any movement outside our rooms, some time later, Brian came to the teenax door, thanked me and teenax got dressed and went
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